I’ve been thinking a bit about my career, what I want to accomplish and what sort of trajectory I have launched myself on. A few things, we’ll call them goals, keep bubbling in my head of what I want. What I hope to accomplish. Set long-term public relations goals.

I’ve already accomplished a lot. Placements in major tech blogs, video interviews with major outlets, numerous speaking placements and other opportunities. But in my head, I know there’s more. More opportunities to grow my skills and to benefit whichever client I am working with.

We talk a lot in PR about goals, metrics and other tangible benefits. But these are usually immediate or short term at best. How many hits will this pitch get? How many people will click this link? How many new followers did we get? I think it’s equally important to consider long-term personal and professional goals.

So, I thought I’d put some of mine out there. The only order they’re in is top of mind:

  • Cover story on: Newsweek, New York Times, Wall St. Journal, USA Today, Time and Wired
  • Asked to contribute to a book on digital media.
  • Running an account team and guiding it to helping the client realize a bump in revenue and exceeding all other metrics
  • Similar to above, lead a campaign that doubles the metrics set in the plan’s goal
  • Keynote a conference
  • Master the art of metrics
  • Lead a new business pitch for a global 100 account
  • Win a peer-nominated and peer-voted award

Some of those might be a bit of a stretch, others are pretty achievable. I’d love to hear more about your goals. Do you differentiate between short and long-term goals?