8 Oct

Top 5 reasons I learned a lesson from PR takeaways


An alternative title to this is “How I plan to shape the future of PR from within”

You see, after nearly six years helping run PR programs across global organizations that are launching their first-ever tablet to startup software companies looking to reinvent their brand with a new product or application it’s time for me to go chase awesome from behind the brand.

Starting next week I’ll be helping a local Seattle manufacturing company share its awesome story and running its communications team. RAM Mounts makes a mounting system for tablets, smart phones and cameras so they can be secure in planes, boats, cars or on your helmet.

I’ve had a lot of really cool opportunities over the year and I’m extremely appreciative of the opportunities I’ve had, especially with Voxus PR. I’m bummed to leave a great team doing some really cool work but I’m off to chase an adventure and RAM Mounts gives me that adventure.

So, what does this mean? It means that I get to learn, grow and experiment some more. It means I get to help a home-grown company (it started in south Seattle and the current manufacturing and corporate offices are just a few blocks from where it started) tell some awesome stories. I get to work in the outdoors/lifestyle sector and there might be some B2B things to work on in the near future, but we have nothing specific to announce at this time.

But what about those lessons I promised in my headline? Sure, I’ll give you five lessons I’ve learned from PR.

  1. Be awesome. Tell awesome stories. Put up awesome pictures. Give awesome quotes. If you’re not being awesome, nobody will care about you.
  2. Don’t back away. Publish the blog post. Put the bolder call to action on it and then blast it everywhere you want. It’ll be OK.
  3. Be human. Have a voice, have something to say and be passionate about it.
  4. There’s a story in there somewhere. Every product, new customer, new use case or even potential announcement has a story that can be told. Put content together and tell that story.
  5. Have fun. I have adopted a motto: “It’s PR and not the ER.” For some, it is. But for most of us, lives don’t hinge on our next tweet or press release. Get it right and refer to lesson #1 if unsure.

There you go. A major life announcement, a listicle and a cool image. This blog post had everything. Here’s to adventure!

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