31 Jul

Top brain available for picking

tl; dr; I’m looking for an awesome PR or corporate communications role. I want to grow your business, your clients and your team. Check out my resume here.

Seems like I dust off the blog only when I make a career change. And this time is no different except this change was a bit different. I was recently “restructured” out of my last role. PR is a results-oriented business and I delivered some really cool results including:

  • More than 50 unique placements
  • More than $250,000 in demonstrable revenue from communications programs
  • Expanded the Pro Staff program into several new verticals
  • Secured numerous review opportunities including having landed more than 12 unique reviewers prior to being laid off
  • Organically grew the social media audience by more than 85%

So now I am in search of my next adventure and ready to jump into my next amazing opportunity.

What am I looking for?

I’ve been thinking about what type of role and company I would like to be a part of moving forward. Here’s what are important to me in what’s next:

  • Comfortable in a B2B, consumer and pro-sumer environment.
  • A role that fuses PR and social media in order to drive business results
  • Ability to lead a team and/or mentor junior team members
  • Ability to utilize resources such as design, web development and subject matter experts to bolster content creation
  • Company or agency that values customers
  • Types of companies I would love: Outdoors sports (hunting, fishing, camping…), consumer technology (audio, VR, augmented reality),¬†enterprise hardware or transportation technology

If you’ve got an idea that fits into the bullet points above or even if it doesn’t, let’s make it happen.

Connect with me on LinkedIn here. Or, you can view my resume here.


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