1 Feb

The Geekgiant is Reborn

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I am now an entrepreneur.

I’m not sure what is more odd, whether I am embracing this label or whether I’m actually making this happen. But wait *** record scratch, freeze frame *** you’re probably wondering how we ended up here.

See, it was a year ago today that I was laid off from a company I had committed a lot to and created a lot of success for. 

It’s been a year since I’ve had a full-time job. But that’s OK. I now get to be an entrepreneur. 

Learning how to drive a car while repairing it while rolling down a hill backward

A few months ago I had an opportunity to begin working with a security company that used artificial intelligence for network threat detection called PatternEx. I’e been working with them on their communication and content strategy while they work to create a cool niche in the information security space. I’ve learned a lot about running a business (what’s an invoice supposed to look like?) and also a lot about the current state of technology and B2B communications.

I’ve had to learn a lot of lessons along the way and it has helped me define what I excel at and what I can be passionate about doing. I have learned how to push myself out of my comfort zone thanks to some trust from some good friends and I have learned how to move forward.

I am thankful to have a quality accountant, a quality network of folks I can ask dumb questions of and thankful for an immensely supportive wife.

I have also learned that I can be successful at this new venture. I just had to figure out what it is.

And now I have.

On to Geekgiant Communications

So, what is Geekgiant Communications? It’s time to put together an identity and a position of what this brand, what this company, what this idea can do and can be.

Geekgiant Communications is:

  • An integrated communications consultancy that will help you discover the best way to talk to your audiences.
  • A messaging, narrative and voice development partner that will work with you to determine your corporate identity, your executive platforms and your style
  • A channel-agnostic social media and content strategy partner that can guide you toward identifying where your brand should be present, how to be present there and how to maximize your presence there
  • A media, influencer and partner relations expert that can work to bridge the gap into media placements through media relations, contributed content or paid influencer relationships
  • A paid media consultant that can optimize media spend, build effective audiences that generate actionable results.

I’ve learned a few things about what I am not as well. I am not the world’s best pitcher. Sending blind pitches is not my forte, nor is it a top strategy. I can cultivate working relationships with influencers and analysts but I am not a pure pitching expert. Props to the publicists out there.

I’ve also learned the value I can bring to an organization, company or agency. I love analytics and I have an odd perspective that PR can be a revenue-producing unit. I love helping companies create their stories and teach them how to reach their audiences.

I call my approach “campsite consulting.” My goal is to leave things better than I found it. It’s my positive spin on the hit by a bus theory.

So, while I remain committed to creating success as an entrepreneur, I also remain open to working full time with a brand or an agency to help tell awesome stories. You ready to tell your story? Let’s rock.

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