This blog represents my personal views on life, technology and the business world we live in. I’ll try not to be too inflammatory, but I make no promises.

The GeekGiant identity was born during a conversation at SXSW in 2009 and since then we have been committed to doing things differently. We believe in having the most robust toolbox possible. With these tools we build communications plans that accomplish business goals and drive communications results.

We specialize in digital integrated communications. We use content strategy, social media marketing, public relations and other marketing tactics to deliver the results you expect and the results you didn’t know were possible from public relations.  

People asked for a photo of me. Well, here's one :)
People asked for a photo of me. Well, here’s one 🙂

I am an enthusiast of effectively communicating with audiences both large and small. I believe that all companies have a great story to tell. I help them tell it well.

I pioneered the use of digital media communications tools such as vlogging and social media for enterprise companies. I have developed communications tactics that create measurable impact to the bottom line. I have created crisis strategies for global manufacturing companies as well as global software companies such as Microsoft.

I was part of the launch team for the original Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro where I integrated digital and PR strategies while guiding content strategy and working alongside the media team. I managed the global rollout of Surface Pro and managed localization, analyst relations and reviews for international markets. I have also developed the media relations strategy for a 25-year-old manufacturing company. I moved it beyond the occasional reactive opportunity to a strategic, proactive approach that resulted in Tier 1 consumer and trade coverage.

Now, I am here to help you. I can provide you with custom public relations and corporate communications plans that can help you effectively reach across multiple audiences. I can help you develop tight, effective messaging and capitalize on the limited opportunities our attention economies afford us.

I utilize my background in journalism and sociology to bring a people-powered approach to community engagement. As an award-winning former journalist, I bring an honest and in-depth approach to Public Relations and marketing.

If you’re interested in working or just conversing with me, you can connect with me via email, Twitter or on LinkedIn. I am also available on Skype: geekgiant.


*Disclosures: I am a PR consultant for several technology and consumer companies. Nothing I write here represents their views unless it’s directly attributed to an individual or company. If you want me to write things that represent your views, email me at eric@thegeekgiant.com.


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