This blog represents my personal views on life, technology and the business world we live in. I’ll try not to be too inflammatory, but I make no promises.

People asked for a photo of me. Well, here's one :)

People asked for a photo of me. Well, here's one 🙂

I am an enthusiast of effectively communicating with audiences both large and small. I believe that all companies have a great story to tell. I help them tell it well.

I am currently an account executive for a privately held, global PR firm. I get to work mostly with a large corporation headquartered in Redmond, Wash. 😉

Before this, I was managing corporate communications for a company based in San Mateo, Calif. and helped them broaden their reach through effective and engaging communications methods.

For the last few years, I have been guiding corporate communications and public relations for a publicly traded company as well. I have guided successful product launches, secured numerous speaking opportunities and created a blogging strategy that was named as one of Inside CRM’s top 25 corporate blogs.

Now, I am here to help you. I can provide you with custom public relations and corporate communications plans that can help you effectively reach across multiple audiences. I can help you develop tight, effective messaging and capitalize on the limited opportunities our attention economies afford us.

I utilize my background in journalism and sociology to bring a people-powered approach to community engagement. As an award-winning former journalist, I bring an honest and in-depth approach to Public Relations and marketing.

If you’re interested in working or just conversing with me, you can connect with me via email, Twitter or on LinkedIn. I am also available on Skype: geekgiant.


*Disclosures: I am a PR consultant for Etelos, Inc. (OTC BB: ETLO). While I may re-post some things from the company here or vice-versa, nothing I write here represents the views of Etelos or WaggenerEdstrom. If you have questions about Etelos, please email me at eric@etelos.com.