29 May

The new role of the influencer


A while back, I had an experience to work with a paid spokesperson to host a client event. Now, paid spokespeople are not a new tactic by any means. But generally these are celebrities (note: the definition of celebrity is subjective) that get paid to show up, mingle, say a few scripted words and get […]

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15 Oct

Create quality mobile content

The mobile web is essentially ubiquitous at the point. We have access to nearly any piece of information we need in most of our pockets. We can watch baseball games, record a video and bash egg thieves with Angry Birds. As communications professionals, how we put our messages together for the mobile Web is essential. […]

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2 Apr

Defining an influencer in today’s world

We deal with them every day. We spend hours crafting pitches, preparing background documents and making sure they’re happy. But how do we decide who is and isn’t an influencer? I was fortunate to be able to attend the Social Fresh conference in Portland (for some other takeaways, you can read them here)  recently and […]

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