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I am a public relations guy currently working for a global communications agency. I am trying to master the the intricacies of integrated digital communications while staying true to my journalism roots.

I’ve been doing a lot more media relations lately and I’m finding that I enjoy it more and more. This industry is rooted in relationships and sometimes just picking up the phone or making a dumb joke can be all you need to do to kick-start that relationship.

I have a concept I call agendaless pitching. Essentially this is the pitch you make to introduce yourself or your client and it’s way more important than any pitch going forward. Be clear about your intentions, be clear about your relationship and be clear about your expectations.

Oh, and followup.

What I really mean is that this job is fucking awesome, but it’s bad form to cuss in a headline.

Essentially, I am convinced that public relations is one of the best jobs in the world. My entire day boils down to being able to tell as many people as possible a story. Sure I have to prove I’m doing it well and there’s a lot of people to keep happy.

But at the end of the day, my life is one that is creative, fun and fulfilling story I get to tell. Do you get to do what you love? Why not? What’s stopping you from getting happy?

Find your happy.

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The instant you hit “publish,” a little piece of your inner being dies. Well, maybe it doesn’t die, but it escapes you and transfers to the URL you just created. Regardless of the intent of what you’ve published is, it needs to contain a little bit of your soul in order to be successful.

We all “blog with a purpose.” Our roles as story tellers necessitate this. But to tell a story with passion, to convey your soul through your words takes a lot of hard work.

What’s this have to do with public relations? Plenty. I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching. Deciding just what it is I do. Deciding how to be awesome and deciding what my path is going to be. And I’ve figured it out.

I want to leave a piece of me in every project I am involved with.

I will pour every ounce I have into making something awesome. Telling a better story. Getting the insider tip on what will make a publication pay attention. I will make damn sure the strategic guidance I provide is beyond anything else being done. I will leave my mark on every press release, blog post, RFP, tweet and mail. Even if that mark means not touching it.

Letting this industry (craft?) have a piece of my soul each day is the best I can do. What are you going to do to make your mark?

Wow, was it ever time for a face lift. I went for a bit of white space and a more open feel. I’m also going to try and use the new format posts a bit and post more often. I tried to focus on short-form posts a while back, but getting into the flow of it was kind of hard, so hopefully this helps.

What other changes should I make? Does it flow OK? Should I try a different look?