12 Feb

The five “Bes” of B2B communications

As a communications industry, we have spent a lot of energy trying to put a flashy marketing name to the value we can add for businesses. But oftentimes we try to make B2B and enterprise communications something it’s not. We can over complicate matters or very easily create programs that aren’t scalable or, quite frankly, […]

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13 Jul

Attention-getting messaging

I have a lot of small businesses that are just becoming aware of the world of the web. Many are B2B businesses that think that Press Releases are the best way to get attention for their services and products. I think that these are dated techniques for “many” businesses, especially if it’s their main avenue […]

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23 Oct

Social Media in a Federally Regulated Industry

I recently had the pleasure of sitting on a panel that discussed how to effectively use social media in a federally regulated setting, such as a financial services company, public company or one of the “sin industries.” A variety of federal agencies exist to monitor the practices of these industries from FINRA, the SEC and […]

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11 Mar

Blogging, Beer & Geekery

Disclaimer, I adapted this from my blog for Etelos, as one of our executives will be speaking there. Do you know what South by Southwest is? Sure, it’s a great music festival, but did you know it is also one of the best tech conferences around? SXSW Interactive is a compilation of some super quality […]

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9 Feb

Corporate social media policies

Do you work for a company that hasn’t yet adopted social media practices? Perhaps you are the one implementing a strategy to stay connected to your audiences. But, what rules are there? As I mentioned recently, social media and social marketing are in their infancies and we are defining the rules. But defining these rules […]

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