12 Feb

The five “Bes” of B2B communications

As a communications industry, we have spent a lot of energy trying to put a flashy marketing name to the value we can add for businesses. But oftentimes we try to make B2B and enterprise communications something it’s not. We can over complicate matters or very easily create programs that aren’t scalable or, quite frankly, […]

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2 Feb

What is integrated communications strategy

A lot of communications people will look at you and ask “what is your story?” That’s a great place to start and a great way to begin the concept of building your brand narrative (more on that in a bit). But the real fun and work begins with the followup question: How do you want […]

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27 Oct

Content is king: a Blogworld 2010 wrapup and review

Blogging, digital media, tweeting, videos, podcasting, live streaming, mobile. We get it. We really do. As I reflect on attending BlogWorld & New Media Expo, I realize that we get it. As a communications professional, BlogWorld was great. Connecting with friends, old and new. Learning from the masters of our craft and the ability to […]

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