15 Nov

Public relations is a soul-stealing experience


The instant you hit “publish,” a little piece of your inner being dies. Well, maybe it doesn’t die, but it escapes you and transfers to the URL you just created. Regardless of the intent of what you’ve published is, it needs to contain a little bit of your soul in order to be successful. We […]

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21 Sep

Why I want to be an Office Hottie

Online popularity contests are rarely valuable. People cast empty votes with the hopes of seeing a friend or cohort emerge with a faux victory. Contestants plead for votes like a candidate in Florida on election day. Nobody really wins, except the company collecting the registration information for its database. But this one’s different. I’m not […]

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27 Oct

Content is king: a Blogworld 2010 wrapup and review

Blogging, digital media, tweeting, videos, podcasting, live streaming, mobile. We get it. We really do. As I reflect on attending BlogWorld & New Media Expo, I realize that we get it. As a communications professional, BlogWorld was great. Connecting with friends, old and new. Learning from the masters of our craft and the ability to […]

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