29 May

The new role of the influencer


A while back, I had an experience to work with a paid spokesperson to host a client event. Now, paid spokespeople are not a new tactic by any means. But generally these are celebrities (note: the definition of celebrity is subjective) that get paid to show up, mingle, say a few scripted words and get […]

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website traffic from tech blogs
10 Jan

The evolution from public relations to content relations

In a world where coverage on the top three technology blog can generate less than 3,000 page views yet client’s blog posts routinely torch the top of TechMeme, what role does the media play in the future of media relations? Well, the role of trusted opinion will likely not go away. But the role of […]

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27 Feb

This job is awesome

What I really mean is that this job is fucking awesome, but it’s bad form to cuss in a headline. Essentially, I am convinced that public relations is one of the best jobs in the world. My entire day boils down to being able to tell as many people as possible a story. Sure I […]

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19 Jul

Optimizing social media for SEO

Tweeting and facebooking are SEO because Twitter and Facebook have become search engines. According to a study just released by Seattle-based SEO analytics software maker SEOmoz, Facebook shares had the highest correlation of the factors it examined that influenced where a page ranked in search results. Shares had a higher correlation than link authority, keywords […]

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19 Jan

Keep your definition of influence focused

Do you want to know who has influence? Celebrities. Celebrities have influence. Such as one tweet from Ashton Kutcher generating more than 13,000 views of a YouTube video with a single tweet. Click on that link, because it contains a slight shift in the definition of “influence.” It renames it leverage. It’s not influencing a […]

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