18 Feb

Evolution of the blogger relations model

My good friend Aliza Sherman has a great post over on Web Worker Daily about the evolution of the blogger relations model.

The model of “blogger relations” is one that is constantly evolving. I think that both sides are learning what works best for them.

Ideally, the relationship is symbiotic. We pitch, they write. Our clients are happy, their audience is happy.

I think that by bringing up alternative ways to engage bloggers shows a couple of issues at work. First is the blogger vs. journalist argument. Sponsored posts and such don’t work for the bloggers that are considered journalists. Being mindful of that, there are still creative ways to engage. Take the “media tour” of old. Instead of setting up in a metro daily’s conference room, we are bringing clients to coffee shops, neighborhood haunts and home offices to chat with this new era of influencer.

But there’s still room for the “traditional” model. Working with people who blog as part of a news reporting organization (news paper, online media etc…) The goal is to drive coverage for our clients while providing elements that are genuinely “newsworthy.” (what passes for newsworthy is another discussion) We can do so by engaging in a genuine conversation with our pub targets. My advice? I think a solid model looks something like this if you’re able to do it:

  • Obviously knowing your target is job one. Make sure they’re appropriate. If you have doubts, imagine what they’ll feel.
  • The difference between “please write about this” and “I would love to hear more about what you’re working on and how this can fit in” is huge.
  • Keep the relationship professional. This is hard. We know when our reporters get married, get fired or get scooped. But I think it’s important to keep the focus on the client and what your outreach brings to the table.
  • Be brief. Be right. Be gone. Keep your outreach focused and to the point.

So, what do you think? How is this model changing and how are we changing with it?


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