26 Jun

Fix your social media strategy

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So, you stare at your Twitter account, Facebook page and LinkedIn business profile and nothing happens. You send a flurry of tweets. Maybe “engage” with an “influencer” or two and then you jump over to Google Analytics to watch the conversions increase 10x. But that conversion rate actually went down. If you have ever felt […]

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4 Oct

A new look

Wow, was it ever time for a face lift. I went for a bit of white space and a more open feel. I’m also going to try and use the new format posts a bit and post more often. I tried to focus on short-form posts a while back, but getting into the flow of […]

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19 Jan

Keep your definition of influence focused

Do you want to know who has influence? Celebrities. Celebrities have influence. Such as one tweet from Ashton Kutcher generating more than 13,000 views of a YouTube video with a single tweet. Click on that link, because it contains a slight shift in the definition of “influence.” It renames it leverage. It’s not influencing a […]

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